If I sat 1973 the first time on a computer, I did not suspect yet that I my ganses life with computers to do will have... Already 1975 I have a full-time job with computers. Surely, that was not such computers, which we can see today on each desk... Everyone of those consisted 0,6x0,6x1,5 meter of five cabinets approx. largely. In it were innumerable transistors, resistances and condensers however still not one IC... Start of the 80 I soldered together also mine first private computers. That had proud 32 KB RAM at that time. Although I was mainly responsible for the hardware, I had written already at that time small programs. With the appearance of PC much changed. I learned sometime the programming language C. Eins of my programs, a Callbook of the ex-U radio amateurs in Germany can one from the page "Callbook" down-load here.