What is already amateur radio without telegraphy... When in the noises of the ether, I can not understand any words of my radiofriend from any exotic land, the Morse signs are to be heard still. The traditional Morse code consists of short signals (also point named), long signals (the so-called line) and breaks. All the single letters and digits consist of it. The radio amateurs use certain abbreviations like e.g. the Q-code. So it is possible to have a short talk with a radio amateur from an other land, without one speaks a common language. Since my first day as a radio amateur I also use this oldest mode of operation of the radio world. About half of all my numerous contacts came off with the help of the telegraphy. Also today, if it is raining and winding, I switch on my station and send around the whole world my:
CQ CQ de DJ8KM pse k...

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