Who am I

My name is Albert Fried. I am born 1952 in a small town Saran in Kazakhstan.
Already as a small boy I was interested in radio and electronics. For hours I could tinker at different tube and transistor receivers. And like the fate wished it, I have discovered in 1967 on the club station UL7KGJ the fascinating world of the amateur radio. In 1971 I have acquired my first UKW license. My first callsign was RL7PEO.

And so I am looked at that time.

Erstes Bild

I have done my hobby later also to my profession. Thus I has completed an engineer's study of the field Automation and Computer engineering in the siberian town Tomsk. My callsigns were:
  • 1971-1974 RL7PEO
  • 1974-1984 UL7PBK
  • 1984-1990 UL7PO
    In 1990 I have emigrated with my family to Germany. Here I continue to maintain my hobby. I had my German callsign DL1KFA till 2000. From May 2000 I have the callsign DJ8KM.