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The history of the family Fried, as we know those today, enter several hundred members and extend over centuries back...

The oldest ancestor of the family, Martin Fried came around 1672 with his four sons from "...buenten" ("Graubuenden") in Switzerland to Deizisau by Esslingen in Germany. In the year 1691 he went to Waiblingen-Neustadt. The city was almost completely burned down during the 30-years-war (1634). The reconstruction of Waiblingen dragged on more than 150 years. A consequence of the difficulty years was the increase of the emigration. In the year 1807 the Russian Zar Alexander-I repeated the "Ukas" of his grandmother Catharina (1760) and called the Germans to settle in Russia as colonists. In this time was also settled the area of Odessa (in former times Gouv. Cherson) with German colonists. In the year 1818 emigrated also Johannes Fried with his family to Russia. Together with the other immigrants, he established the colony Stuttgart at the river Beresan. In the development of these and two other neighbour colonies Waterloo, and Friedrichstal, the lack of water became the problem, which could not be solved. In the year 1830 practically all settlers of this three colonies established a new village, which they called Gueldendorf. In the year 1857 bought the municipality new land and established a new village Gnadenfeld (Neikowo). Also with it the grandchild of Johannes Fried and Anna-Maria Seitz, Johann-Adam Fried with his wife Christina Keller and children. His son George Fried, born 06 Oct.1869 married Sophia Herrmann. Those had 10 children. In the terror years 1930 he was arrested and banished with the woman and at that time still unmarried children to the North of Russia. From them is missing to today each track... His son Johannes Fried, born 19 Jan. 1902 married Martha Bastian. During the Second World War the family was led back to Germany. Here the family was separated. Johannes Fried remained in Germany. He died 1983 in Dueren. His wife with children was deport to Kazakhstan. Those never saw their man and father again. The oldest son of Johannes and Martha, Oskar Fried married 1951 Emma Zimbelmann. Shi was born in the village Rohrbach, only a few kilometers from the village Gnadenfeld away, was also separated from their father in Germany and deport with the mother to Kazakhstan. I am their oldest son...

In the year 1990 I emigrated with my family and with parents to Germany. We found a new homeland in the city Dueren, where my grandfather Johannes Fried unfortunately has not alived his seeing again with the family...

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